• Where fresh meets health and nature

    Green pastures

    At Green Pastures, we are proud to offer our fresh and healthy products. We take inspiration from the beauty of nature to bring you the best of milk and its derivatives. The grass is freshly grown and carefully cared for to give you an unparalleled natural flavour. We chose quality and care to provide you with the best that nature has to offer.

  • Freshly flavored with our delicious milk

    Our milk: purity and benefits

    In a world where food meets nutrition, our milk remains a symbol of health benefits and energy. We extract the best milk from carefully selected farms, and follow the highest quality standards to ensure a fresh and nutrient-rich product. Choose a milk that gives you strength and health in every sip.

  • Luxury taste at every moment

    Delicious chocolate milk

    Enjoy luxurious moments of rich taste and creamy texture with our delicious chocolate milk. We offer you a unique experience that combines the sweetness of chocolate with the smoothness of milk, to take you on an amazing delicious journey. Leave the routine and enjoy the pleasure of the moment with luxurious chocolate milk.

  • Pleasure of taste and healthy food in every sip

    Strawberry milk

    Enjoy a delicious milk experience enhanced with a refreshing touch of strawberry. At every moment, our strawberry milk takes you on a gourmet journey that combines the fresh flavor of strawberries with the smoothness of milk. This delicious blend is an ideal choice to jumpstart your day with a touch of healthy deliciousness.

    Our vision

    We aspire to be the leader in the food products distribution industry, focusing on providing outstanding consumer experiences and meeting our customers' expectations.

    Our mission

    Providing high quality food products and efficient distribution services to the community, we are committed to achieving the complete satisfaction of our customers and stimulating their confidence through excellence in all aspects of our work.

    Our goals

    Expanding the product range and improving diversity to meet changing market needs, promoting innovation in distribution processes and adopting technology to improve efficiency.

    About Us

    From the farm to your cup, where quality meets taste

    One of the most experienced distribution and marketing companies in the Republic of Iraq for all food products. For 18 years, we have been and remain committed to a culture of integrity and professionalism in managing a highly experienced and enthusiastic team to support the local market in the food trade and industry sector.

    Our customer service team is dedicated to providing a flawless experience

    We bring you the finest choices with exceptional quality, adding a delicious touch to your table

    Unparalleled culinary experiences with our distinctive products

    We are dedicated to enhancing moments of joy and delightful culinary experiences. As a food distribution company

    We guarantee the highest standards of quality in all our products. We adhere to strict standards to ensure the best culinary offerings for your home

    Anhar Al-Hayat

    Where good taste meets healthy balance

    We are proud to offer a unique selection of distinctive food products. We believe that cooking should be a unique and enjoyable experience, which is why we offer a variety of high-quality products that stimulate creativity in the kitchen.

    We are here to support you and meet your needs efficiently and joyfully

    From fresh to canned, we have a wide range of foods that cater to all tastes. We take great care in offering a diverse assortment to achieve the perfect balance of flavors and nutrition. We adhere to the highest quality standards at all stages of production. We carefully select the freshest ingredients and adopt the latest technologies to ensure superior taste and outstanding quality in every product. We believe in the importance of customer satisfaction. Our customer service team is committed to providing an exceptional shopping experience. We are here to support you and respond to your needs effectively and happily.

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